Pumping systems for manure

There are several ways to get manure from the stalls to a storage system. Instead of the time-consuming method of driving back and forth with a manure tank, you can use an electric or tractor-driven manure pumping system. MST offers all possibilities for this and we are happy to work with you so that we can give you the right advice. Below is a selection of the manure pumps that we offer.


Electric submersible pump
You can choose between a cutting submersible pump (cow manure) and a non-cutting submersible pump (pig manure) with capacities from 2.3 to 21 kW. These manure pumps are entirely made of cast steel, often with a cutting plate and knife. By default, the manure pump is installed in a pit or cellar by placing a coupling foot on the floor. A pair of stainless steel tubes are attached to this, which are screwed to the wall with a fastening piece. The manure pump can easily be taken in and out of the pit/cellar. The capacity of the pump depends on the medium being pumped, but also on the discharge head and the distance.


Tractor-driven manure pump
Tractor-driven manure pumps are usually positive displacement pumps. These pumps are supplied complete on a frame so that the pump can be suspended behind the tractor in the three point. By connecting the power take-off shaft to the manure pump with an intermediate shaft, the connection between the tractor and the pump is made. A tractor-driven mixer provides a relatively large amount of pressure. As a result, contaminants in the manure (wood, stones and the like) can damage the pump housing and the trestles. In order to keep damage to a minimum, a stone trap can offer a solution. This stone trap ensures that most stones do not pass through the manure pump due to a centrifugal force. Tractor driven pumps are available with capacities from 86 m³ to 255 m³ per hour.


Electric centrifugal pump
For pig & calf manure, you can work with a centrifugal pump. This centrifugal pump is mounted on a two-wheeled hand cart and is equipped with a 5.5 kW electric motor. The connections of this manure pump are 3″ on the suction line as well as on the pressure side. Maximum capacities are of course always dependent on the manure, but on average one can say a maximum of approx. 70 m³ / hour.

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