Small-scale Purifications

Aside from the general manure storage systems, Milieusystemen Tiel BV also provides solutions for project-specific issues. For example, we supply helophyte sand filters.


A helophyte sand filter is a biological purification system in which the domestic waste water is purified by biological, physical and chemical processes. According to the IBA classification, the helophyte filter achieves a purification efficiency that meets the highest requirements.


The toilet water is discharged to the sump via a pre-treatment (septic tank). The remaining waste water flows via a grease separator to the sump. From this well the water is pumped to the filter where it is evenly distributed over the Helophyte filter. The “clean” water then passes underneath the filter through a control pit to the ditch where the discharge point is located, or is led to a post-purification pond / collection pond for reuse of the water.


We can offer these purification systems as a whole, but we can also offer you each part separately. Examples include pump sumps, grease separators, septic tanks, piping and pumps.

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