Inspection of manure storage

Milieusystemen Tiel BV is officially certified to inspect all types of manure silos and coverings, from basin liners to manure bags or wooden silos, in accordance with the BRL 2344 “Advisory reference period”. The legislator has determined that the manure storage must be inspected after the end of the reference period. This inspection relates to the proper functioning of the valves in the storage of manure and the proper functioning of the manure storage and covering.


If it turns out that there is something wrong with your manure storage, which means that it cannot be approved in the first instance, then we can take care of that with our expert and well-trained team by doing a little maintenance. You can also remedy the issue yourself on the basis of the report you receive from us after the first inspection. Afterwards, we can return to you for a free re-inspection.


Sometimes an internal inspection of a manure storage is required. In this case, the certified inspector enters the manure silo with certified compressed air equipment. The inspector is aware of the dangers and will always work in the manure silo in the safest way.


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Type First reference period after construction Each subsequent reference period
Flexible basin, plastic silo 10 years 0-5 years
Basin liner or manure bag made of certified film 10 years 0-5 years
Basin liner or manure bag made of film that is not certified 5 years 0-2,5 years
Concrete silo or wood silo 20 years 0-10 years
Metal silo 10 years 0-5 years
Plastic coverings 10 years 0-5 years


Inspection carried out in accordance with KIWA Guidelines
Certified by KIWA
Qualified inspectors
Registration and deregistration inspection for KIWA through MST
Inspection report in triplicate (1x municipality, 1x insurance & 1x your own files)
One re- inspection (if necessary) is free, within 1 year of the first inspection
Inspection for a fixed price
We can carry out the repair of your manure silo

We are Kiwa certified

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