Mixing systems for your manure storage

All our manure storage systems can be fitted with a mixing system. This could include electric or tractor-driven manure mixers. MST can give you the right advice in this. Below is a selection of the possibilities we offer you.


Electric submersible mixer
Submersible mixers are available with capacities from 2.5 to 20 kW. These manure mixers are entirely made of stainless steel, including motor housing, guide claw and propeller. The manure mixer has multi-poler motors so that high capacities can be achieved with a relatively low power. By default, the mixers are built into a stainless steel guide column along which the manure mixer can be raised and lowered and can be moved to the left and right. The submersible mixer can be installed in the Flexible Basin, the Concrete Silo and the Basin Liner. We can also build this fertilizer mixer into cellars.


Tractor-driven manure mixers
The tractor-driven manure mixers from the brand Buschmann can be used in all manure storage tanks. Each type of manure basin or manure silo has its own type of mixer. Tractor-driven manure mixers require a tractor power of 60-160 hp. This depends on the speed (max. 1,000 rpm). The screw has a standard diameter of 600 mm, but 700 mm can be supplied as desired. The bearings of the shaft are rolling bearings, which are located in an oil bath. In a concrete silo there is a mix carrier around the propeller that can be adjusted 360°.


External mixing
All covers can be fitted with mix hatches. These hatches are tailor-made for each client. A contracting company with a crane mixer can then put the manure mixer through the mix hatch in order to stir up the manure. Each cover is equipped with a mix hatch as standard.

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