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One is legally required to cover manure storage systems. Milieusystemen Tiel has various options for this.


The MST Tensioning Cover can be placed on various types of manure silos. Each tensioning cover is manufactured and installed to the size and specification of the manure storage to be covered. The MST Tensioner is supported by a hard wood centre column. The cover is made of PVC-coated cloth with a condensation flap on the inside to return condensation back into the manure silo. A proper tension is made on the outer wall by means of flexible straps and stainless steel tensioner. Depending on the diameter of the silo, the angle is 15 to 17°.


The MST Floating Cover can be installed on all types of manure silos and manure tanks. Each floating cover is manufactured and installed according to the customer’s specification. The MST Floating Cover is produced from an LDPE manure film. The film has an open seam on the outside into which PS (polystyrene) cylinders are pushed so that the rainwater that falls on the floating cover does not flow into the manure. The water from the floating cover can be pumped out by means of a submersible or a pump. We can supply the MST Floating Cover with mix openings for mixing.


These covers can of course also be used when storing other liquids.


As described in the MST Basin Liner section, these storage systems are also equipped with a MST Floating Cover. Here we use an FPP film, which is attached to the dike at the location of the buried underlining. This cover is fitted with PS floaters, which provide a water storage capacity when there is rainwater on the floating cover. The PS floaters also provide for the venting of the gases from the manure.


Proven quality
All mixing options are easy to apply
Easy and quick to install
Meets all standards and regulations
Permit application is provided by us as standard
Built by our own professional staff

Habo Blow Hood

WHY A Habo Blow Hood:

Closed hood made of fibre-reinforced PVC foil 900 gr/m2, color grey. (KIWA)
The hood is stretched on the silo and is kept under pressure by a fan.
Applicable to silos with a diameter of 5 to 35 m.
Standard color grey

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