Flexible Basin

A plastic manure storage system for manure, but of course also suitable for sludge, water and all kinds of other types of liquids.


The MST Flexible Basin is available in heights of 200, 300, 400 and 500 cm and with diameters from 369 cm to 3877 cm. This means that the smallest volume is 22 m³ and the largest volume is 5,997 m³.


The MST Flexible Basin is a manure silo consisting of a steel frame with around 6.0 mm LDPE plates around it. We install special steel cables around this plastic outer wall. These steel cables absorb the forces directed outwards. A high-quality FPP manure bag is placed on the inside of the MST Flexible Basin. A floating cover can be installed on the basin as standard, but with diameters of up to 2500 cm it is also possible to fit a tension cover. The emptying and filling of the manure silo takes place via a remove/fill pipe underneath the basin or possibly via a pipe over the edge.


Proven quality since 1992
Simple and fast to install and eventually to move
No concrete necessary
Meets all rules and regulations
Permit application is provided by us as standard
Built by our own professional staff

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