Concrete silo / BEFO manure silo

Concrete silo

A very solid concrete manure silo. The silo is not only suitable for manure, but also for sludge, water and other liquids.


The MST Concrete Silo is available in heights of 300, 400, 500 and 600 cm and with diameters from 1000 cm to 3550 cm. With this, the smallest volume is 237 m³ and the largest volume is 5,883 m³.


The MST Concrete Silo has walls that are fully double reinforced both vertically and horizontally.


Up to and including 500 cm height, the walls have a thickness of 16 cm and a thickness of 18 cm at 600 cm.
The elements are 150 cm wide and are connected to each other by a special coupling, after which they are poured from above. A concrete floor is then installed in the MST Concrete Silo that is completely anchored to the walls.


As a cover, a floating cover or a tension cover can be placed on the concrete manure silo.


The emptying and filling of the manure silo takes place via a remove/fill pipe underneath the basin.


Proven quality since 1975
All mixing options are easy to apply
Easy and quick to install
Solid construction due to thick floors and walls
Meets all standards and regulations
Permit application is provided by us as standard
Built by our own professional staff

BEFO manure silo

WHY A BEFO manure silo:

Constructed with concrete trench silo elements. 4.00 x 2.50 m
Available in all sizes
Place on solid ground
A closed bag with automatic water drainage is placed in the concrete container.
The BEFO is sleek and durable
Fits well into the landscape
Can also be used for animal feed

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