MST Manure bag

A dug-out plastic storage system for manure, sludge, water and other liquids. The MST Manure Bag is KIWA certified and available from 200 m3 up to 7,000 m3. The MST manure bag is mounted in an earthen embankment raised on 4 sides, with a slope of 2% towards the center, to promote a proper emptying. The supply and removal of the manure is done by a piping system that is mounted under the MST Manure Bag.


The MST Manure Bag is fastened at all 3 positions in all directions by stainless steel poles, trapex cord and polyester straps. To prevent the collection of air and gases in the MST Manure Bag, it is fitted with vent valves. The content determines the quantity of vent valves. The MST Manure Bag is equipped with 1 mixer opening as standard. Multiple or other openings can be made on request.


Available up to 7,000 m3
Fully KIWA certified
Several mix possibilities
Meets all regulations
Simple and fast to (re)move
No concrete needed
Can be placed anywhere worldwide
Built by our skilled and VCA-certified personnel.

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